Earth is the only planet with life on it. The earth has its history of billion years old. We know that reality since our childhood. There is a possibility that there would be other planets with living things too but so far no one has proved it.

Scientists are more concern about finding out what the actual age of the earth is. Every time, they come up with different conclusions. Same as that, there are so many unknown questions regarding earth as well especially related to its components and the age of life on it.

This is the topic that is very interesting for us and for the Geologists as well. They are trying to find the answers on a daily basis, almost. The advanced era has made it possible for the geologists to find out about the solid and liquids present in the Earth’s body. Even their Android smartphone can do that for them.

The number of apps is available for the assistance of the Geologists, through which they can plan and perform their work easily.  Some of these apps are:

1.      Geological Time Scale: A freeware app that will tell you all about the Earth’s geology. The app has included all the basic knowledge of the animals, atmosphere, and other things available on the earth. The app is very simple and convenient to have for the early information about the Earth. This app is perfect for the early days of those, who are planning to have a career in Geology.

2.      Geology Sample Collector: Are you a Geologist? This app is the right one for you then. You can make all of the notes regarding your work. The notes may include pictures, audio, video, texts, and other related stuff. If you are out for some research then you can save everything and later on, can share it with your friends and colleagues via email or social media. You also do not have to be worried with the data loss. You can prepare your own website and can upload all the geology related videos, audios, images, and other notes there. This app keeps the backup of all the work you have done and can sync it with the website.

3.      iGeology: This app is for everyone, who wants to explore the geological information regarding UK. You can also check out the geological extracts of your locality. The app will show you the 3D version of all the landscapes. This app uses the British Geological Survey’s national scale and Land ranger scale geological dataset of UK. This makes it a reliable app for UK.

If you are new in geology field or you are the professionals then these apps could be of very much use for you.