Mozilla Firefox was once one of the most popular web browsers, but over the last few years, its user base has significantly declined due to speed and performance issues.

In a bid to claw back its market share, Mozilla has launched its new browser – Firefox Quantum, which not only resolves the speed and performance issues but also boasts a number of features that are unmatched by any of its counterparts on handheld devices.

Here are the three reasons you should install Firefox Quantum on your mobile device and make it your default browser.

  1. Improved Performance

Mozilla has focused primarily on improving the overall performance of Quantum. The factors which make it quick include lower memory usage, multi-core CPU support, and an incredibly smooth user interface.

Thanks to Photon UI, you can navigate between tabs and menu much quickly and smoothly than the old interface.

While the overall performance of Quantum has already improved, Mozilla is planning to release its Servo engine update in the next few months which the company believes that makes it faster than Chrome.

  1. Strong Privacy:

Mozilla has added several new features to ensure the privacy its users. Quantum prevents the websites from tracking the information about the users’ internet habits and also enables you to the automatically clear your browsing history every time you close the browser.

Thanks to the addition of guest session feature, someone who borrows your device won’t be able to access the sites with saved logins or view your browsing history. Quantum automatically deletes the guest browsing data when closed.

You can further strengthen privacy and security and increase the functionality of the browser by adding extensions like miniature apps from “Add-ons” menu.

There are also a number of ad blocking extensions available to remove the annoying ads.

  1. Add-ons

Besides privacy tools, there is also a wide range of add-ons which will enhance your browsing experience. You can add antivirus add-ons, RSS readers, bookmark organisers and much more to your Quantum browser.

At the moment, Quantum is the only browser on the Google Play Store which offers such a huge collection of add-ons.

You can change Quantum’s default view and personalise its look with theme add-ons. The browser contains a huge library of user-created themes.


The combination of fast speed, performance and an extensive list of features make Quantum the best browser available. With upcoming Servo update heralding further improvements, it should be the default browser of every Android user.