You must have come across kids, who face difficulties in interaction with other others. Moreover, they are not up to the mark in terms of repetitive behavior, and verbal and non-verbal communication. Do you know such people are suffering from Autism? It is a complex disorder in brain development, which can be caused due to any infection or complication during pregnancy. Apart from these, many other environment and genetic troubles may also cause Autism to kids.
If you also have a kid with special needs then do not worry, as now you can make him learn speech and behavior with ease by using any of the Autism Android apps available in the market. Autism apps are quite large in number and can be searched easily on Google Play. However, the most popular Autism apps to facilitate such special kids are as follows:
1. Gabby Tabs – AAC for Kids
It is a free Android app available for Autism kids. This app encourages non-verbal kids and helps them to communicate. The best part is that this app is easy to use and can be personalized as per need.
2. Voice4U
It is a fact that communicating to others is the most difficult thing for a kid suffering from Autism. Such kids can use Voice4U Android app for communication as well as expression. This app is available for just $29.99 and offers a lot of smart features. To facilitate the users, it has 150 pre loaded icons but you can customize and create more icons as per your requirements.
3. iAug Comm
There was a need of improving the quality of life of the kids having special needs. Android apps’ developers acknowledged this need and developed an app, which not only focuses on improving the quality of life but also on the provision of independence and educational success to the special kids. This app offers icon based interface with the help of which the individual can communicate easily whether he is non-verbal or can speak with difficulties. This app is purchasable for just $4.99.
4. JABtalk
As per the recent researches, every other kid is suffering from Autism. The ratio is 1:8, and that can be increased with the passage of time. To facilitate such people, speech therapists are also focusing on the facilitation, and according to many of them, JABtalk is the best Android app available for communication. The best thing is that this smart app is quite affordable to purchase and will cost you only $9.99