Achieving success as a new Android Application developer isn’t a cakewalk. It takes a lot of hard work, passion, patience and dedication.

Whether you work for an organization or build your own project, there are some important things you should always keep in mind to boost your chances of success.

We’ve made up a list of 9 tips and tricks for new Android app developers.

  1. Follow the Latest Trends:

As the technology progresses, the trends of Android app development are changing day by day. So, it is very important to keep an eye on the latest trends to know that what features the users expect from an app.

Research the latest trends in the market and get some winning ideas for the mobile app development.

  1. Make Your App Visually Appealing:

A famous quote is ‘ the first impression is the last impression’, so your app must appeal the people when they first see it in the app store.  There are around 2.2 apps on the Google Play Store and to get your app noticed, make its design attractive as possible.

  1. Believe in Your Idea

Self-belief is the key to success as an app developer. Many people think that their ideas are useless and reject them. Unless you aren’t enthusiastic about your idea, no one will be.

Do the research, identify a niche and determine what different your app can offer from similar apps.

  1. Participate in Communities

Participating in Android app is a great way to stay updated with new ideas, trends and technological advancement. Share your work with the other professionals who can give answers to your questions and help you in improving the things.

  1. Listen What Users Say

Always pay attention to the users to determine the rating of your app. This will not only build your user base but also help you to improve your product.

  1. Build a portfolio

As a new Android developer, you need to build a powerful portfolio to make your career. Whether you are working as a freelance developer or looking for a full-time time job, attach the samples of your work so others can see that what skills you have.

  1. Study your competition

If you want to cash your own app idea, research on related apps in available the market. Learn what unique features they offer and understand their business model.

  1. Constantly Test Your App:

Through constant testing, you can find the faults in your app and fix them. Test each phase during the development process to make sure that your app is bug-free, and all its features are functioning properly.

9: Learn from the Best:

Enroll in the Professional Android Developer MicroMasters program to learn advanced-level s Java and object-oriented programming concepts. The program prepares you for Google Associate Android Developer Certification exam, which would be a milestone in your aim towards becoming a successful Android Developer.