Many of us have toddlers in our homes, which need attention, better brought up, and care.  As toddlers are the kids between the ages of 1 to 3, thus, they are in learning stage and try to discover things quickly. The most important concern is their clumsiness sometimes like if they have learnt how to walk recently then they will love to climb stairs or to go outside once they get the chance. This is the reason, which is why to keep the toddlers engaged have become the most important concerns for a lot of moms.

Are you also one of such moms? Do you also want to keep your young ones busy? If yes then there can be many ways to achieve this goal. For example, you can make them play with balloons or can give them any sound making toy in their hands. However, the easiest and simplest way to keep your toddler busy in this techno era is to download an Android app for him. The best part is that you can find countless Android apps, which are designed for Toddlers. Some of the best Android apps that can be downloaded for toddlers are as follows:


It is one of the popular games among the parents because it helps the toddlers to learn making different objects including buildings, cars, etc. You kid just have to touch the screen to drag and drop the DUPLO characters in order to make desired object.

  • Ant Smasher

It is another simple game in which your kid can touch the screen to smash the ant. The colorful interface is easy and eye catchy for the toddlers. Moreover, they understand that smashing the ants in real can be harmful.

  • KIDS match’em

It is the game perfect for growing age kids. With the help of this smart app, the kid can learn how to drag and match the similar icon together. The simple 6 card sets and the user friendly interface make this game the best one for the kids.

  • Zebra Paint Coloring App

Kids love colors and now they can enjoy coloring the objects on your gadget with the help of Zebra Paint Coloring app. Using this app, the toddler will just select the color and touch the screen to fill the object with that selected color. Coloring the object in this way is real fun for young ones without any doubt.