Delivering on its promise, Google has updated the Nexus 4 and 10 on schedule, introducing some additional features to Android 4.2. The update includes two major updates- Lock screen widgets and Multi-user support.

The major addition to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is lock-screen widgets. These widgets will enable the users to add a clock, calendar, messaging or Gmail widget to their lock-screen.

This update includes a push for developers to generate their own widgets. Instant camera access is the other addition.

Since the new widgets work a bit differently on cell-phone or tablet, so let’s look at the Nexus 4 experience first. From the lock-screen, move the screen leftward and camera app will be opened.

As it sidesteps security, you don’t have to unlock your phone first to use it. If then you want to try something else, go into the filmstrip view or press home and you will be prompted to unlock the phone, so will remain secure.

Other widgets will allow the addition of those essentials of calendar, messaging and Gmails to your lock-screen. On swiping rightward, you’ll be able to tap to create a new page and add something.

However, if you’ve locked the screen you’ll have to unlock it first to access the application properly, or take any actions, like opening an appointment or creating email etc. It’s worth mentioning here that, all of your appointments, massage preview and locations will be visible and anyone looking at your phone will be able to read them.

Moreover, there is an additional music-control widget too that enables you pause and skip tracks while playing music.

The appendages to the Nexus 10 are a bit different. You get the same options for widgets, with exception of messaging option and camera access.

Multi-user support is open for the Nexus 10 as well, enabling you to have user profiles for all of your family and friends. Space for each user is customizable and you can add appropriate content about the user in it. This will be perfect for you if you’re sharing the tablet, but want to customize it to your own preferences.