It all started back in the chilled weather of October 2003, Palo Alto, California that Android Incorporation came into being. The founders were supposedly heading towards an operating system that was to outsmart all the existing ones; Revolutionize the mobile phone platform, take it to the next level, take it beyond the known boundaries.

Exploration and invention has its own fear so they kept it a secret, showing to the onlooker that they were working a normal mobile software development. They didn’t want heightened expectations. And then there came the elevation when Google decided to acquire the firm on August 17, 2005. The general idea regarding Google is being a best search engine, and many took it as a diversification strategy to hoist its flag in mobile industry. Still it was kept behind the curtains of what actually was going on in the Google’s new workshop.

Using LINUX as the base they developed an upgradable and highly fit to needs mobile device platform. As soon as Google floated the operating system to the mobile manufacturers, it was surrounded by partners and many other corporations to take part. After basic legal and management tasks Google with its team of many reputed and well known technology partners brought into light the Android on November 05, 2007. In October 22, 2008 HTC dream was made available to the public as the first ever device with Android. And just after 5 months of its launch Android was boasting an astonishing 2.8% market share worldwide. It just took more than a year and half for Android to become the world’s most demanded smart phone operating system with amazing share of 33% around the globe.

The world was experiencing a revolution in the smart phone industry; the consumer was never exposed to such flexible and intelligent operating system. The world was echoing with appreciation to its ingenuity. And the autumn of 2011 revealed the more the 52% of the all the smart phones around the world are running Android. It was not the end but just a beginning; it was spreading across the world like seasons. The spring of 2012 was literally a spring for Android for it was being run on more than 68% devices around the globe.

On the other hand iPhone; also a smart phone platform was trying to cope with situation but Android was something that was beyond the league of even giants like Apple and in summer of 2010 it beat the sales of iPhone.

The progress was legendary with 400,000 Android devices offered to the customers every 24 hours, there was no stopping to it for it took to 550,000 devices per day just after 30 days. There were 190 million devices running Android in October 2011. In sum about 3.8 million Android devices were sold so far and up recently Any Rubin ecstatically announced that 1,700,000 Android devices are made available to the customers every 48 hours.

So if it is said that Android echoed though the universe then it would not be wrong.