Writers can write about anything anytime, once the idea pops up into their mind. Mostly, people write on their laptops, these days. But it is also possible that you don’t have the laptop with you, which can sometimes result in losing your precious ideas that time.

Android Writing Apps

Instead of carrying laptops everywhere these days, people have their compatible smartphones now. One of the most in demand operating system is Android in the smartphones. People have all the social media in single phone, which has made life so easy. Same as that, there are so many writing options in the laptop device and your Android smartphone also offers you lots of writing apps.

Thus, if you are a writer then you too would love to have these apps in your phone. They are:

–          Writer

It is a simple app that will let you write everything you want on your phone. All you need to do is to get this app. This app has no distraction at all. This is simply done app that allows you to write and convert your thoughts wherever you want. You can write and save your work in SD Card to check them easily, later on.

–          My Writing Spot

This app is as convenient as the normal word document. Whenever you feel like getting free, you can write your thoughts just by tapping on your smartphone. The app has got the options including different font sizes, word count, and email documents, write in either the landscape or portrait style, and much more. The word count thing is very much favorable for the writers.

 –          Write

Like the above apps, the Write app is also very useful for the writers. They can write in full screen mode, can do the automatic saving of the work, character count along with the word count, and is even easier to send it to the email addresses. The app also offers on screen keyboard. Hence, the app gives you the laptop kind of ease on an Android smartphone.