Kids get fascinated by the animals mostly. They feel surprised by how they move, act, and eat. It seems comical to them and they try to do the same too. Some people have pets in their houses and the kids love to have the pets around once they become friends.

It has been observed that having pets at home is a good practice for the kids. This way, the kids learn many new and emotional things. They get to know about feeding others, taking care of others, and the love for innocent animals.

In the quick moving world, there are so many things that have been changed and many things have converted into the digital form. Same as that, kids, these days, have also changed their priorities and are more towards digital world. They like to use their parent’s Smartphone and playing games. They like to get their pictures and show them to others as well.

Things that Kids Love to do

Kids love to play a game on their parent’s Smartphone and if your phone is Android operated then you can certainly get some very exciting games for the kids. The top favorite games are:

–          Animals

In this game, the kid has to help his favorite animal to escape from the zoo. The game has very lively features and images that will attract the kids more. The more they will go through the obstacles, the more points they will earn. Increase of points and coins will send them to the next level and they will win the game.

–          Tap a Fish

The kids have to take care of the fishes in the aquarium and feed them properly. Also, they have to keep them safe from the aquarium monsters, who are trying to invade the tank. The more points you will gain from the fish, the more levels you will gain. The simple and catchy game is perfect for the kids. Also, they can practice at the practice sessions.

–          Cows vs. Aliens

The aliens are trying to invade your barnyard and you have to save it for them. Your barnyard and its animals are like the diamonds to the space aliens and you have to save it for them. Do some quick preventive measures to save the animals. Make sure about keeping the aliens out and far from the animals.

The kids will definitely enjoy these games and will get a fair chance to get engaged in healthy and interesting Android games.