We all have watched that man in a spider’s dress, throwing web everywhere. We are certainly talking about the Spiderman movie, which made us to think beyond the creativity. That Spiderman helps out everyone and crushes the evil in the blink of an eye. Not everyone can do that. But, as he is the superhero, he can! There are so many items related to this character and can be found in the market. You can find the stuff toys, key chains, robots, bags, themes, folders, books, etc.

Earlier, there were spiders in our home or you can find them in the dark places only but now you can enjoy having the amazing Spiderman in your smartphone too.  On Google Play, there are many games, which will let you play as a Spiderman. The games offer you all the thrills and stunts from the real movie. Just pick your phone, and download any of the following games on your Android smartphone:

  • The Amazing Spider-man

It is the official game of the Spider-man, in which you have to fight with the lizard, and his dark schemes. Being the brave Spiderman, you will fight to defeat the lizard. You will have to play with the greatest bravery. Jump, web-sling, and climb from here to there. There are 25 missions that you have to win and show that evil has no place. You can upgrade the game as well. Enjoy it with the new styles of attack.

  • Spiders-man running

The casual Spiderman is dancing with two ropes in the skies. You have to make him climb very carefully without breaking the ropes. Make sure that he will not drop. You can make him climb, jump, and run. Score the best and compare your scores with the other players of the world.  So, download it today and have fun.

  • Spider-man’s Web-Slinger

We know that everyone has this secret dream to be a Spiderman and sling the web everywhere. You can do that now with this app. See yourself as a Spiderman and make the comics of your own. You can share them with the friends too. This app sounds pretty fun to have in your Android smartphone.

  • Spiders-Man Running 3

In this version of the Running, the Spiderman has to jump from this building to another. You have to make sure that he jumps without losing the grip on the rope and in return, you will get to score the highest.  This causal game has so much fun in it and you will find it addictive. Compare your score with the other online players to enjoy the game at its fullest.