One of the most spoken native languages of the world is Spanish. There are around 406 million people in the world, who speak Spanish as a native language. The origin of Spanish was Spain and it is known as the Romance language as well.

The Spanish possesses an important place as a language, as it is included in the six official languages of the United Sates and also used by the European Union as an official language. All these facts certainly make Spanish an important language.

There are many students, who are learning Spanish in the universities. Also, there are so many people, who like to learn this language for their travelling purpose. With the modern technology and easy modes of learning, everything is now available on our finger tips.

If you are also interested in learning Spanish then you do not need to go to the learning centre or do not have to buy some Spanish learning book. A simple app on your Android smartphone can help you out with the Spanish learning easily. You can get help from some of these apps:

Conjugate Spanish Verbs

You can easily search and learn the Spanish conjugate words through this app. Just write them in English and search for the Spanish meanings. There are 700 Spanish verbs available in this single app. The great thing about this app is that you can also use it in offline mode. Moreover, you can also check out your performance that is essential for the improvements.

Spanish English Dictionary

In this app, you can find 50,000 translations of the Spanish words and sentences. This app is the great source of learning Spanish. It contains translator, phrase-book, verb Conjugator, audio pronunciation, and many more. You can search for the words, idioms, slangs, parts of speech, and Spanish nouns via this app quickly.

Spanish Class

You will find the complete Spanish learning course here in this single app. You will get to learn the verbs, grammar, vocabulary, and the exercises in Spanish. There are 4000 plus words present in this app. You will also get access to 200 useful phrases, tenses, and 40 grammar articles to learn. Apart from this, interacting with the fun speaking language feature is also possible while using this app.

Speak Spanish Free

You need this app if you are planning to travel Mexico, Chile, or Spain. It is better to get an app, which can tell you the important phrases rather hiring any local guide or the translated book. You can get the native Spanish speaking recordings, basic phrases, pronunciations on one click, and it also works offline. Thus, speaking Spanish fluently in the other countries is easy now.