If you have ever seen the guys doing skating, then you must have some idea that it is a pretty tricky sport. The sport requires special expertise and it is not everyone’s cup of tea to perform this skating thing. Many of the boys and girls like to do skating. Some take it as the game and some take it seriously like a professional. If we talk about this game in the professional sense then we must not forget that it contains lots of risks with it. The biggest risk is of injury. The skater can lose its control anytime and this could cause him some very serious head, leg, or hand injury.

With so many risks attached to it, the person must do this sport after having the expertise in it. Not everyone can do the skating easily. It needs proper control over the skating board. Once you lose the control, you are in trouble then.

There are so many people, who like to do skating but cannot do that easily. For them, nothing comes better than having a skating game on their Android smartphone. This sounds pretty interesting. Now, you can play this sport on your Smartphone by downloading the following game apps:

Skater Boy

That is quite old but very successful skating game. In this game, a boy is performing skating. He has to ditch the obstacles by jumping, landing, and by doing other tricks. The game is simple and very catchy for all the skating lovers. Get this game and enjoy skating.

Extreme skater

You have to jump, tilt, grind, and land with all the perfection to skate further and to win this game. Play this skating game anywhere you are. There are amazing 78 levels, multiple paths in each level, and the detailed hi-graphics. You have to perform more tricks so that you will earn more points.

Skater California

The street skating has its own thrill and uniqueness. It is not possible for everyone to do the street skating but you can do all the skating right in the Californian way. Get your board to the hills, ramps, jumps, and railings. There are 100+ levels in this game and you can play in the four different scenes being any of the six different characters. There is so much to do in this skating game.