Smartphones have become essential part of life and provide ease to work and source to get entertained. Android smartphones provide a good gaming platform, as wide range of Android games is available these days. This collection is growing by leaps and bounds with introduction of latest Android games. New generation has great affection for these games. Bubble Blaster is one of the Android games that has got global popularity and following by the users of different age. It can be said a sequel of bubble shooter, as it has the same steps to play as bubble shooter has.


This game has a simple set of instructions to play with that has made it more popular. Elimination of bubbles from play area is the main target of player. As the game started, bubbles of different colors are boosted in the play area and the user has to blast them to complete the level. Only the groups of same color bubbles can be destroyed. When the bubbles of same color are grouped together, these clusters start going down quickly and if the player is failed to blast them, he or she has to play the game level again.  For continuation of the game, the player has to eliminate the bubbles efficiently and vigilantly. Computer mouse can be used to set the blasting sting for aiming at the target bubble.

Modes of game

This interesting game has two modes including Marathon and Puzzle. Marathon mode is good for expert players, as the number of missed bubbles make a row that limits the target stick movement and enhance the hurdle for player.  Thus, it needs more attention and level of expertise for playing.

Puzzle mode is excellent for beginners. It presents specifically fashioned bubble patterns, which cannot be repeated if once vanished from the screen. It provides the ease to the player, as the row of the missed bubble will not cluster in this mode so the player can play the game more easily.

Useful tips

  •  While playing, if you find that your target bubble groups are not in front line then you can hit the walls of play area to set the target.
  •  Try to hit the bigger groups of bubbles, as they can earn more points for you.
  •   In Marathon mode, play strategically and control the row drops of the game. Furthermore, notice the next bubble to shot in order to plan your game wisely.
  •  In puzzle mode, try be wise and tricky, as these patterns are also not so easy to play.