The Great Wall of China is the biggest trademark of China in the whole world.The Great Wall was built in between the 220-206 BC. The wall has so many myths related to it as well.It was mainly built to protect the China from the outside forces and the other countries. The Great Wall of China possesses the special position in the world. It is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage site. It was also claimed that this wall is visible from the moon. Though, none of astronauts ever claimed that visibility but the myth still exists.

The Build  Great Wall of China on Android  is also included in the Seven Wonders of the World due to its amazing construction and designs. Many of the tourists visit it every year. There are so many movies and documentaries made on this wall. The Great Wall is a pride for the people of China. They feel proud in discussing and doing their best to protect this powerful heritage.

Now you can also play the games related to this world heritage on your Android smartphone. The following games are easily available on the Google Play and you can download them on your Android phone whenever you want to:

  •  Greater Wall of China

You have to play logically in this game like the ruler of the game. This game is for two persons. You have to build the Great Wall of China and protect the place from the enemies. The person, who will complete it first will be the master. Built this great wall and test yourself as the ruler. You have to be extra quick and present minded while playing this game.

  • Build China Wall Maze

This game is a true source of excitement. There are 3 games in this game. Game 1 is about Memory game in which you have to pair different pictures together to win this game. In game 2, you have to place the puzzles in the right place. In game 3, there is a block game where you have to fix the blocks with each other. The best part is that you can learn the tricks of the game with the help of available tutorial videos.

  • Building the China wall

In this game, the sovereignty and the prosperity of the land are in danger. You have to protect your lands from the nomads and built the Great Wall around the China. In return, the emperor will allow you to marry his daughter.  This great adventure game will take you to the farthest areas of the China. There are 40 levels in this game along with 4 locations and power ups.