It is rare to find someone, who hasn’t done cycling in his childhood. Every kid asks for the cycle and does that as a hobby. Also, parents get their child the best cycles, as they grow up. This is why everyone knows how to ride a bicycle.

Adults do cycling for different purposes. Some picks it as the exercising tool and some makes it their career. For some, it is a vehicle for travelling and for some, it is just another thing to ride on and enjoy. Hence, people have different choices with the bicycle riding.

Android Apps for the Cyclists

One thing we all know that bicycle riding is not that safe as we thought of travelling via car or even bikes. It is a fragile kind of exposed vehicle that can get into direct accidents or in other kind of injuries. Another much known problem with the cycle is that you cannot determine the paths and rails while riding it. But the good news is that with the Android phone, all of the problems are going to get solved. Android has some of the very interesting apps for the cyclists. Here are they:

–          Strave Cycling- GPS Riding

It is the smart app for the cyclists, which tracks your rides with the GPS, views the maps, and collect the other information for you. The app also keeps record of the calories burned, heart rate data, and the speed of your cycle. You can join its challenges, can follow your friends, and different clubs, comments and give kudos to your friends and others as well. The app will also tell you about your performance later by giving you complete feedback.

–          MapMyRide GPS Cycling riding

This app is a cycle computer for you. It can tell you the speed, calories, distance, route navigation, weight tracking, food tracking, nutrition tracking, and many other features. You can also listen to the music while cycling and can receive calls. It can get synced with other devices too.

–          Cycling Pro

If you want to know all about cycling then this magazine app is best for you. It has all the details regarding the components, parts, and accessories of the bicycle. You will also get to know the secret by the professional cyclists through this magazine. Thus, the magazine app is a brilliant one to have in your Android Smartphone.

In nutshell, you do not have to be worried about the cycling issues anymore, as these Android apps are enough to help you out.