Driving is the thing that many could not do even after years. A good driver is always the one, who takes care of so many things while driving. While driving, it is always wise not to do things that could bring some serious threats to your life. We need to be extra careful.

Though, we do have so many traffic cops around us, who are keeping an eye on our driving skills but still we need to be careful too. There are so many measures that we should consider while driving. These precautionary measures include wearing a seat belt, not receiving the calls, no overtaking, driving in a lane, etc. All these safety measures should be done to protect us from any unfortunate incidents.

Now when we have smartphones, we have started making things easier for us with its help. Like we can receive calls by using WIFI or Bluetooth system, can check out routes on the maps, etc. Besides this, Android smartphone apps are also very helpful when you have them in your phone. They can make so many things easier for you while driving. Some of the best apps to enjoy driving with ease are as follows:

–          Safe Driving Text Machine: You can never control when someone is texting you on your cell. If you are driving, it is not safe at all to text back. All you can do is to wait till you reach your destination. The Smart Driving Text Machine makes things convenient for you. If you are a text lover then you must have this app.  Just activate this app and it will answer your texts when you will not be able to answer them. It saves battery and detects your driving mode as well.

–          Witness Driving: People, who are speed lovers, must be aware that this passion contains so much risk for others. With this Witness Driving app, you can make the videos by recording them and can also claim the insurance claim if your vehicle or you have been damaged due to someone’s speedy driving. You can also store your insurance details in it and can inform others if you had some accident.

–          IOnroad Augmented Driving Pro: It is a very professional and helpful app. This app will inform you about the distances and the chances of collision with the other cars. You will get the audio and visual alarms when there is some collision. Also, if you are departing from the main road, it will inform you.