To use a phone while driving is not recommended by anyone. It is highly prohibited and even there are laws, which prohibit the drivers to use the phone while driving. There are also strickt rules for the passenger seat person to use the phone.

3 Amazing Android Car Apps

However, it is a fact that you cannot refrain yourself from checking your phone in the car. There are so many important calls and text messages that you have to receive during driving. Fortunately, now there are tools that are developed for the car drivers, such as, phone holders, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi modes, etc.  The best advancement that has seen so far is the smartphone Android apps for the car.

Through these apps, you can do several things while driving. Therefore, now the phone is not a problem while you are driving.  Some of these useful apps are:

1.      Car home ultra

This is very useful app to be used in the car. It is a hassle free app that allows you to perform several functions while driving. This amazing app has several features with which you can dial numbers directly, navigate to the specific locations, and can get the 18 shortcuts via this app. This app will show you the battery meter, location alerts, speed alarm, compass, speaker phone option, auto Bluetooth and WiFi with car option. Moreover, it displays the speed in KPH or MPH mode, clock, current weather, location conditions, etc.

2.        aCar

It is an app that will keep all the needs of your car up to date. This is not only useful for the cars but also for the trucks and bikes. This app offers many features like easy and user friendly design, keep records of the fill ups, expenses and trips, fuel mileage calculations, tells you about the engine oil, air filter alerts, GPS support, and social media support. This app also has the feature of importing data from other websites. There are few language options available too.

3.      Torque Pro (OBD2 & Car)

This app will let you know the current performance and situation of your car. It can read the vehicle temperature, can record the whole journey of yours, compass, head up display for the night time, graph data, MPG, CO2 emissions, and give alarms and warning if there is some issue. It also has the features of social media sharing by the screenshots.

These apps are good to have in your Android smartphone, as this way, you can handle your car with more efficiency while driving.