Civil engineering is the oldest engineering form after the military engineering. This is the engineering, which deals with the constructions and designs of the roads, bridges, dams, buildings, etc.

Every year so many students pick civil engineering to pursue their career. The degree is very helpful for the future, as it opens countless opportunities for them. The best thing about becoming civil engineer is that you can have job placements in public, private, and semi-private sectors easily.

The civil engineering has so many branches in every discipline that it has become more specified. This has made this field more interesting and easy for the students. As the technology has made things easier for the professionals, they can perform the tasks easily on their fingertips. Android smartphone can even do that for the civil engineer.

Hence, if you are a civil engineer then you can also use your Android smartphone to increase your efficiency. You can take help from these apps, which are:

Civil Engineering Suite: This is very suitable app for the engineers, who wish to have all the supported applications at single place. This app will help them in knowing different functions including Beam Deflection, Engineered Channel Flow, Coulomb Earth Pressure, Manning Flow Circular Pipe, Concrete Beam Design, and Broad Crested Weir Flow. This would be the best to have for catering all your engineering needs.

Civil Engineering Calculations: For all the graphic representation and for the solution of variables, this is the perfect available app. This app will solve everything for you. You can also calculate the Pipe hydraulic flow and channel on your phone via using this app.

Civil calculator: This calculator app is best for the students and professionals of civil engineering.  It will solve your queries of simple beam, as well as the angle of deflection or deflection. Get this app if you want to keep everything in your pocket. In simple words, this is the best app for having quick answers.

Civil Engineering Magazine: You can get to know all the ins and outs of the civil engineering through this app magazine. It is mobile version of the magazine that is very popular amongst the American civil engineering society. You must also get it to enhance your knowledge.

Civil Engineering Dictionary: As it sounds like, this is the must-have app for the civil engineer students and professionals. It will tell you all the basic terms used in engineering along with details on material properties, definitions, and mechanics.

Thus, being a professional student, it is mandatory for you to equip yourself with the knowledge of civil engineering all the time. These apps will act as a plus point for your career.