The birthday is the day when everyone wants to have endless fun. Kids wait for this day throughout the year. They love to cut the big cake, blow the candles, and do the decorations besides receiving gifts.

Still, after we grow up, we love to do parties and birthday party is the most exciting one. Moreover, receiving gift is the happiness that makes people more excited about the birthday party.

Some people keep the themes for the birthday parties, some design different games to be played, some simply go out and some just love to cut the cake. There are different styles of doing that but Android wants to give you some more fun at a birthday party! Oh Yes, that is true!

Birthday fun on Android

Android has got some very interesting Birthday games to be played on your smartphone that you will never want to leave them.

If you also want to have some birthday fun, then get any of the following games today:

–          Ginger’s Birthday: It is the 5th birthday of the talking ginger, and you are invited to celebrate the biggest birthday party ever where you will find games, cake, food, and a cute Ginger. You have to make Ginger happy by feeding it some yummy food. Get a huge birthday cake and help it in blowing all the candles. When you make Ginger happy by feeding and blowing the candles, a new puzzle will be unlocked.

–          Baby Birthday Party Planner: Here some of the babies have to celebrate the birthday party. You are the mommy planner and you have to help the babies in dressing up, making birthday cakes, eating, and playing with the balloons to have fun. At first, you have to dress up the baby girl with so many dress choices. Then, make the cake and decorate it with the best looking frosting. Make some decorations with balloons, cupcakes, paintings, and paper dolls.  When everything will be ready, you can enjoy the party! Get to know more by downloading this app.

–          Birthday Surprise + Fun: There are so many amazing fun games including singing cute frogs, number matching games, making a wish at wishing well, birthday clown show, mysterious birthday guessing game, blowing out the candles and making the birthday wish, the birthday fiesta, and music box with the birthday song. It looks like having a never ending birthday party on your Android smartphone.

Enjoy your time celebrating these birthday parties on your Android phone and make everyone amused.