Everything is available just at the click even your bank account now. Every bank has its mobile app available for the ease of its clients. With the bank’s mobile app, you can perform many functions at once. You can pay your bills, transfer the money, and can check the bank account details. There are so many advantages that a mobile app can offer you. The mobile banking is of great help for the people, who are constantly travelling.

Of course, while travelling, you cannot withdraw, transfer, and check the amount in your bank. But, if you have a Smartphone, then things are certainly easy for you.The mobile banking via android includes all the mobile app of every bank almost. Just go to the Google Play and download your bank’s app. These apps are the best way to make your life easier. Some of the well known bank’s apps are:

  • HDFC Bank

You can perform all the major tasks with this app of HDFC bank. You can get an access to your account though your Android phone. You can avail the features like checking the fixed deposit and account summaries, requesting the account statements and cheque books, transferring the funds, paying your utility bills and many more.

  • U.S. Bank

This is a free app for all the US bank clients. You can check all the important features through this app. Any transaction made will be charged and will be notified via statement. Also, the customer’s data is safe and protected on the mobile app of US Bank.

  • Bank of America

You will experience a quick, steady, and secured banking via this app of the Bank of America.  For getting access to the mobile app banking, you must be enrolled into the online banking. You can transfer the amount to all the US based bank accounts. You can pay bills, locate the ATMs, transfer the amount, and much more via this app.

  • ICICI Mobile Banking

The very convenient way of doing the mobile banking can be experienced through the mobile app. You can book any of the tickets online through this app, either they are of a train, airplane, or of the bus. You can get the mobile recharge, a movie ticket, and can locate the ATM. There are quite lot things that you can do with the single app.

  • HSBC Mobile Banking

You can easily keep yourself up to date with your money history and the current situation. If you have a bank account with HSBC and you need to do the various banks related tasks then you must keep this app in your Android Smartphone. You can check the account history, your account balance, and can transfer your money via this app.