Hiking is one of the most favorite sports or activity that youngsters like to do. Apart from youngsters, people, who are hiking since their young ages, also love to do it in their older age.

This activity is risky but quite adventurous as well. Those, who love to do adventures, love to do this activity too. Hiking is not importantly can be done on some big rocky mountain only. You can also enjoy it on medium rocks, hills, or mountains. You can do hike, bike, run, and drive on the different hiking tracks too. Moreover, hiking is very good for the body and mental health. It gives positive feelings and vibes to your mind.

Play it on the Smartphone

The problem arises, when you realize that you are in urban city and there is no such place to go for hiking. Another condition is that you are not in the mood to get up, and to go to the national park for the hiking activity. In these cases, nothing comes better than enjoy hiking or mountain games. Get few mountain hiking games on your Android smartphone and enjoy playing them anywhere you want. The list of popular hiking games is as follows:

–          Hill Racing: Mountain Climb: In this game, your car or bike has to hike up on the mountain. Race it along on the mountain and end it with the highest score. You have to control your car or bike in the best way. There are so many bikes and cars to choose from in order to play 40 challenging levels in different countryside scenes.

–           Mountain Bike Simulator: Show off your BMX biking skills and for this, you will have a BMX mountain bike to show that how well you can ride it on the mountain. The track on the mountain is going to be tricky so be careful while doing the bike riding. You have to ditch the obstacles that will come into your way with smart riding.


–          Speed Hikers: This time you have to run as a hiker on the mountain. Looks like, the running will not be enough for the hikers so you can fly as well. You just have to touch the screen when you see that speed is required here. When you release the touch, the hiker will fly. Run fast and show your hiking skills as the professional.


Hence hiking is not limited to the climbing mountains only. You can run, walk, or drive there too. In these games, you will enjoy everything on your Smartphone.