Being an urban citizen, we always found village life as something strange. Well, to some extent, it is a strange life for all of us. It is a fact that the urban life is quite fast as compared to the village one. In villages, people have to do their work on their own whereas in the city, we have to perform different works with the help of machines and assistants.

Thus, if we say that we are having some very easy life in the city, then it will not be wrong. But, not to forget that, still, the life and the things are more pure and tension less in the village life. Of course, we cannot get that entire village life by living in the city.

What about having this life via your Android smartphone? Now, you can get so many village games on your smartphone. They are not only very interesting but will offer the entire village atmosphere to you. Pick the one that you want from the following games:

–          Tiny Village: Have you ever thought of raising dinosaurs in your village? It sounds exciting. Isn’t it? This is now possible at this tiny village now.  You have to work out with your creativity and converting this town into startling place. You can also build some amazing shops there to have more fun.

–           Smurf Village: You have to help this nanny Smurf in knitting some new wool items.  You can harvest the crops according to the season and celebrate the coming of new seasons. You can also make new decorations in your mountain village. Show off your creativity in this game to build an ideal village.

 –          Santa’s Village: Build the bigger and bigger village with Santa in this game. You have the chance of decorating the North Pole’s village with lots of decoration items.  There are so many different toys to choose from. This game is available in the 3D but an internet connection is not important for this game.

 –          Bug Village: You like to experience a village life, but this time you have to create a village for the ants and bees. Yes, give some fun time to the urban ants and bees too. You will have to build a small but beautiful 3D village for these bugs. Add the decorations and feed well to the bugs so that they can stay healthy. Also, you can interact with your cute bugs.

Why not building the variety of villages via Android smartphone? Get these interesting games downloaded on your smartphone and enjoy the virtual village life.