Sea side is the favorite place of everyone. People go there for picnic, walk, seeing the sun set or sun rise, or simply for the peace of mind. Sea surely gives the peace and the calm feelings to the human mind.

All of us do some endless fun when we are at the sea side. Splashing water, throwing ball, running, swimming, and fishing are quite common there. Sea is the place that charges us with an extra energy of playing any game that we want. Also, there are so many movies related to the sea including wars in the sea, the great sea storms, and about some huge evil fish in the sea. They do fascinate us, no doubt.

On the other hand, in real world, this is of course not possible to go to sea every time we want. But we can certainly play all those games at home or at workplace, which are related to sea just by getting few Android apps. Yes, all these sea games are available on Google Play in very advance modes and themes. Some of the very interesting sea themed Android games are:

BattleFriends at sea

The challenging place to have some battle with your friends in sea is none other than the BattleFriend at sea. Be careful while playing, as you have to play according to the rules. You can invite more of your friends and can challenge them. Fight till you get the rank of Admiral. Do not worry, as the game is easy to learn and quick to play.

Adventures under the sea

Under the sea, the things are pretty different for us. There are lots of dangerous creatures along with beautiful sceneries and the unknown things as well. This game will give you a chance to experience the life under water and to face a battle. You will be the captain of the submarine and you will have to pass the dangerous paths, hideous creature, and the mines under the sea. You have to play with the full expertise to make sure that you will dodge the danger.

Battleship wars

Everyone likes the ships and wants to travel on them. Here, you have to do some battle on these ships. This is the multiplayer game, where you have to do battle against the other person. You will get the medals and ranks on your victories. This is an online game that you can play with the other users.