Who is not aware of the most famous cartoon SpongeBob Square pants? The game revolves around a Sponge, named as SpongeBob, who lives in the sea with his friends. He works at Krabby Patty and has the best friend named Patrick.

The cartoon shows the daily life of the SpongeBob and his silly but helping nature. Thus, the cartoon is a super fun thing for the viewers. The great thing here is that there are so many viewers of this cartoon from every age group. People love to have its stuff toys, wallpapers, bed sheets, and so many others stuffs.

If you are also a SpongeBob’s fan then you would surely want to have his fun games too. Why not to get a few apps on your Android Smartphone to have fun? Try some of the followings:

–          SpongeBob Game: This game enables you to increase your brain power too. There are 4 game modes in this game. It is an interesting game in which you have to recognize, concentrate, and develop the mental skills. The games appear with the SpongeBob in it. So, enjoy the game with your favorite cartoon character.

–          SpongeBob Diner Dash: As we all know that SpongeBob works at Krabby Patty. Here, Mr. Krabby has expanded his business and now the SpongeBob has to help him for doing this. While playing this fun game, you have to support him in doing that. Serve, tap to the table, and take orders to the customers. On good work, you will also get a chance to collect big tips. So, make the Patty house a huge success.

–          SpongeBob Tickler: Do you like to play with the SpongeBob? If yes then you must have this game, as this game will enable you to do anything with this character. You can poke him, stretch him, and shake him anytime. Hence, your buddy is a super funny thing that you will have in your Smartphone forever.

–          Dream Run with SpongeBob pet: Gary is a little pet of SpongeBob. He is a little snail, who is obviously slow insect. In this game, Gary is having a dream. Gary wants to have a golden house in golden shell. You have to do hard work in accomplishing the Gary’s dream. There are so many obstacles that you will have to face while playing the game. Just ditch them to fulfill the Gary’s dream.


Hopefully, these games will give you some good time while playing with your favorite cartoon character. Get them downloaded to play with little creatures.