Who does not like to ride a horse? It is one of the enjoyable activities that every person likes to do. From kids to the adults, everyone enjoys the horse riding. We can enjoy the horse riding at different public places or at the local club, easily. People get the club membership for this activity. Rich people have their own horses too and they keep them at the club or in their big houses. Thus, everyone has his own way to own a horse and to enjoy riding.

If you also like to go for the horse riding and this is one of your hobbies then you also want to own a horse. Everyone wants to have it, but this interest is certainly not easy to follow. The horse is not an easy animal to keep or to buy. This hobby costs a lot, as you need to fulfill all the requirements of this animal.

These days, you can easily enjoy riding the horse and can use it to play different game. Yes, the Android has made it possible for you. Now get the best horse games from the Google Play and enjoy playing them anywhere and anytime you want. The following games are the best ones to consider:

My Horse

In this game, you can easily own a horse. Moreover, you will have to take care of it, groom it, and feed it. The game is available in the 3D activities and with the catchy graphics. You can take part in competitions to prove your horse among the most healthy and trained horses. When you will win the competitions, you will get the new breed. There are total 8 breeds and you will get a chance to get and raise all of them.

Virtual Horse Racing 3D

Riding a horse is common trend and thus, you must have noticed this in the movies and on the sports channels as well. You can also ride your horse freely in this game. This is very exciting game in which you have to take part in the arching. You can set goals for your own and can win the game. There are bets, 3D sound system, racing history, turf track, slow motion, and many other interesting features, which you can enjoy while playing this game.

Horse Life Adventures

Join thousands of other horses in the game and built your best looking ranch. You have to start from a ranch where you will get a chance to raise your own horse. Play the challenges, do the breeding, and share your achievements with your friends.