You must have experienced that sometimes people throw eggs or burst them on someone especially when you are in some farewell type of event. This is the very crazy moment when it happens to you but very funny when it happens to others. Everyone gets terrified when we threaten him with the ‘throwing eggs’ gesture. You must have seen that too. No one likes the gross smell and the stickiness of the eggs.

Here, on the Google Play, you can find out some very crazy egg games that will remind you of all the crazy egg plays, you had in school or college time. Some of these games are:

Chicken Egg Catcher

Enjoy playing this egg catching game, which offers excellent graphics. In this game, you have to guide the baby and he has to collect the eggs with the help of your finger. The four hens are laying eggs and you have to guide the baby quickly for collecting the eggs. There are some rules that you need to follow while picking the eggs. Enjoy the egg game in four different levels.


In this game, you have to collect the eggs in a way that should not break at any cost. There are different levels in this game in which you will have to enjoy collecting eggs after considering their protection in focus. The best part is that this game is perfect for both the adults and the children.

Catch the eggs

Save these eggs from dropping down and earn the gold by catching them. Along with the eggs, there are bombs as well. Do not let a bomb burst otherwise the game will be over. You can unlock the achievements and can play this game with your friends from anywhere in the world.

Egg baby

In this cute game, you have to care for the egg and make it possible that the egg will hatch the beautiful baby. The egg is your pet and you have to perform all the responsibilities towards this egg. Dress up your egg, wash it, put it into the bed, and read books for it. Make sure that the egg will take full sleep otherwise it will lose its health.

Shoot Dinosaur Eggs

You played the shooting bubbles and balloon games. Now here is another fun game for you. Shoot the dinosaur eggs with your full expertise. Do not miss any egg.