Who is not aware of the beauty of Paris? It is the most promising and romantic city of the world. The city is famous for many things related to it. The most well known thing is none other than the Eiffel Tower, which is one of the wonders of the world. Paris is also famous for its fashion trends. The fashion experts say that the fashion takes birth in Paris. You must also be aware of the Paris Fashion Week, an event which makes everyone a star. The designers, companies, and brands become popular if they are associated with this fashion week in any way. How can you not talk about the perfumes of the Paris? All the famous fragrances came from the City of Paris especially from the street named Shanzay Lisay Street. There are number of fragrances that first made in this street and now ruling the world. The fashion boutiques are like never ending in this street. With these so many other specialties, the Paris is also known as the most expensive city of the world. We know the reason too for sure. Who would not want to visit this most beautiful and historical city? If you are also planning to visit this city then you certainly do not need any travel guide or the map with you. All you need is to get the few Android apps on your smartphone to explore the city. These Android apps are:

  • Paris City Guide

Visit your dream city without any fear of getting lost. This app will help you in visiting and finding all the must-seen places in Paris. You will get to know all the restaurants, hotels, and shops. With this app, you do not need to have an internet connection, everything will get stored in your phone. You can create your own trip journal, can take help from different self-guided tours, and can read visitors’ reviews too.

  • Visit Paris by Metro

This app is available in many languages including German, Dutch, Spanish, and Japanese. This app is a complete guide that will give you information about all the important locations in the Paris. You can find out the sites near your current location, can measure your distance if you travel by Metro, can get the information regarding the tourist locations, can check out more about the streets of Paris and much more.

  •  Paris, France- Travel Guide

Travel around the Paris with this single app in your smartphone. This is accessible without any internet connection. You can look for the nearby attractions and sights, read the articles related to the desired destination, can check the transport information, can find out landmarks, cultural sites, and many other attractions via this app.