We all love to have the fresh juices of the fresh fruits. They are very rich with the carbohydrates, vitamins, and necessary fats. It is highly recommend by the doctors to include juices in our daily meals. They keep us healthy and safe from many stomach problems. Along with that, they give us fresh skin, strong hair, and the proper immune system. We must make sure that we drink the juices of few fruits including orange, apple, grapefruit, grapes and mango daily. Of course, Enjoy working at the juice factory via Android apps,you will get them according to the season but make it your habit to drink juice daily.

We also make juices at our home with the help of juicer machine. This is quite fun activity to do. Children like to do it often. It really takes no time to take out the fruit’s juices at home and it is not hectic too.

All those, who like to squeeze out the fruit juices at home, can now enjoy doing that on their smartphones too. If you do not know then there are some of the very interesting Android games available on Google Play for this entertainment. The details of such games are as follows:

  • Fruit juice maker

You can prepare some very healthy and energy filled juices here. Try out making the juice of apple, strawberry, cherry, banana, and pomegranate in this game. You can also make some fruit pop juices for your peers. It is very simple game. You have to cut the fruits, crush some ice, mix and blend them, and then pour it in the glasses to serve like experts.

  • Juice factory- the original

As per the game, you are working in the juice factory where your job is to fill the juice bottles correctly by matching the juice and color of the bottle. You have to work with the sheer responsibility because your supervisor is very cranky. If you will not work right, you may lose the job. The fresh juice will be coming out in the flashing light and you have to fill in and move them out for the shipping purpose.

  • Juice cubes

It is a very sweet game in which you have to match the puzzle of the same juice cubes before they explode as the fruit juice. This looks yummy! You can play it with your friends too to enjoy the game at its fullest.