People, who like to share their views on various subjects, prefer blogging. They are like to share their opinion, and express their thoughts on the things that are going on in the surroundings. Through the blogging, other people also get to know that what is happening around them. Blogging is the simple way to awake the other people’s thoughts. This way they also get enlightened with the common knowledge.

For bloggers, the thoughts and writing points can jump in any time of the day. For that, they must be ready to pen them down. Of course, this is not possible every time unless you d not have an Android smartphone with you. Thus, if you are a blogger then you must know that your smartphone can actually do so much for you. By getting few of the very useful apps, you can go through your blogging related stuff anytime from anywhere. The very handy and best apps that every blogger must-have are:

Blogaway for Android

Now, you are not required to be present on your desk all the time. This app offers features including multiple accounts option, add labels on the blogs, formatting options, auto saved option, location to the posts, and add the photos to the posts. You can also comment on your post and read other’s comments. Hence, this simple app will manage all that is present in your mind. Just take the picture from your phone. Write few words and publish it on the site.


With weebly, you can easily create your blogs and new posts, and can edit them too. Also, adding the texts and photos and uploading the videos to the blogs are possible. You can also share these posts on the social media. Reply to the comments and read the comments from the readers. Last but not the least, you can decorate your blog with the different themes.

BlogPost (Blogger Client)

You can write with the visual editor via this app. Write in any format and also upload your videos from YouTube, Flickr, or Picassa. Besides this, add the taglines, labels, text styles, fonts, lists, and much more with this app. Moreover, you can upload the image from your own gallery.


You will find all the blogs related to fashion, design, food, and on other topics. All the posts will have their layouts in very attractive themes. In nutshell, this app will allow you to follow the blogs in which you will have interest.