Water is the main component of the human body. A big part of our body contains the water. Our skin, eyes, hair, blood, nails, hence, everything needs the water. Doctors suggest that a person should intake 8 glasses of water in a day. It fulfills all the requirements of the water in a body. Having a glass of water in the early morning also helps in washing away all the impurities.

Mostly, we do not keep a record of water intakes in a day. It becomes problematic to make sure that how many glasses of water we took. There are many ways to record the water intake including marking in calendar, writing it down, make a mental note, or put some reminder.

The ordinary ways are the gone-thing, now everyone trusts on their smartphones. Smartphone has given the simple solution for improving our drinking water habit. All we need is an app. Yes, an app will make it easy for us to keep the record of the water intake and the reminder for drinking water too. You can get some of the very useful apps from the Google Play for this purpose, which are:

Water your body

This app will track the water intake that you need according to your weight and body type. Just enter your weight and it will let you know that how much water you require in a day. Add the cup of water when you drink it and the record will be saved that how many glasses you had in a day.

Drink more water

If you feel like dehydrated most of the times then you need to have this app in your Android smartphone. You will get reminder to drink water with the help of this app. You can see that how much water you have consumed throughout the day, when to drink the water, etc. Apart from this, a graph will show your progress throughout the week.

Hydro- drink water

This app will help you to know that when you are in need of drinking water. You will get to know about your water progress via graphs. This app has features including reminders to drink water, water consumption calculator, graphs, statistics, and the logs. With the help of this app, you will get a control on your dehydration problem and will keep yourself refreshed.

Hence get any of these amazing apps in your smartphone and track down your water intake with ease.