Everyone loves to play games and likes to have them in their Android smartphone. The games are the best way to pass the time and to relax your mind.

The games are best time pass. However, it is a common perception that only boys like to play games but that is not true anymore. Women are more in need to have some relaxing activity after a hectic day. Why not to have any of them on Smartphone now? Thus, the girls can have their own games too. There are so many games available for Android users. Many of them are especially for the women. Some of the excellent time pass android apps for girls are:

–          Dot draws for women: Yes, you have played this game a lot in your childhood. The dots draw game is same as that. You have to connect the dots by placing finger and an image will appear at the end. But, the tricky part is that you have to use your imagination to develop that picture.

–          Super Girl Dress-up: Dressing up is the favorite thing of every girl. Girls have this natural sense of dressing up in a good way. Thus, they would probably love this game. In Super Girl Dress Up game, you have to dress up a woman super hero. You can dress her in any way you like to make her look strong but feminine at the same time.

 –          Businesswomen Dress Up Game: The lady in this game is very intelligent, hard working, young, and works for the Big Company. You have to dress her up every day to make her look prettier as well. Dress her up in jeans, cool tops, office style suits, and skirts. She must look presentable, as she has to deal with the clients in the business meetings.

 –          Shopaholic world: This is the game for every girl, who wants to have her own brand. What could be a better time pass game than this game? You have to create some best looking dresses, styles, and accessories. You can also choose different colors and fabrics for the new fashion. Moreover, you have to perform some challenges in this game to earn the points but do not forget to meet your budget in the game too.

–          Room Decorations:  Set up the room with your own ideas and designs. When you know that how you can dress up then you are surely be capable of designing the room as well. Show off your expertise here and enjoy this game.

For passing out the time, these games seem to be the best ones. So, ladies get them today in your Android Smartphone and play them in your free time.