For the working women, life is pretty hectic. They have to wake up early, perform the business tasks, come home to fulfill the household duties, and get to bed by the time. Without any doubt, the entire routine make them feel exhausted.

This is daily span of time for the working women. They try their best to balance the work life and the home life. There are so many successful working women, who are doing well everywhere. But, in-between the practical and domestic life, women ignore their own life and interests. It is quite unfair that they are unable to do something for themselves, when they are contributing so much to others.

The simple solution, these days, is nothing more than having these Android apps in their smartphone. Yes, if you want to help the working women around you, get them any of the following apps:

–          52 Weeks for Women’s Health: This app can easily take care of the women’s health. It has a complete guide related to the women’s health. The women can check out the tips on the healthy lifestyle daily through this app. They can write down and search any health query any time they want.  They can select any topic as favorite and can use it later for the information.   Also, the good thing about this app is that women can keep their health queries and information secured by placing a password.

–          Women’s Security: Working women need to go out at different areas, which may not be near their residential place. This contains a risk as well. But, you do not have to be worried, as this Women’s Security app is going to help you out. Just save the details of the person that you want to inform in case of emergency.  An automatic alert, SMS, email, or a recording will be sent to the recipient in case of emergency. You do not even require having an internet connection to use this smart app.

–          225 Business Ideas for Women: Are you seeking to start over your own business? You must get this app then. This app will provide you with the 200 ideas on which you can work as an entrepreneur. You do not have to spend extra exhausted hours in thinking about the right business path yourself. Just get this app and mix up your ideas with the app’s ideas to find the best solution.

So, do not waste time and help out your working mother, sister, wife, friend, or daughter by downloading these apps in their Android smartphone.