Smoking is the habit that can never be considered a positive habit in any way. The smokers waste their time, money, and health in pursuing this habit.

There are many people, who lose their lives because of the smoking habit. Tobacco brings some very dangerous results to the health including heinous diseases related to throat, heart, and lungs. These diseases are very hard to get rid of but you can certainly control them by avoid smoking.

The smoke of cigarettes can be harmful not only for the smokers but also for other people in surroundings. The cigarette smoke affects the non smoker in the same way as they inhale the cigarette smoke.  It also pollutes the atmosphere.

There are so many people in our friends’ circle, relatives, and family, who are smoking addict. You never know but they also want to get rid of their bad habit. For that, they seek help from the rehabilitation centre and doctors. Some covers it and some are unable to do that.

If you know any of your acquaintance as a smoker or if you are a smoker and wants to get rid of this habit, then all you need is these Android apps.  Yes! A simple android app will do your mental therapy and will help you in leaving the cigarette.

Anti-Smoking Android Apps

Pick the one app that suits your need. These apps will surely help you in recovering from the smoking habit.

Stop smoking: Are you trying to get rid of the smoking habit permanently? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? This Stop Smoking Android app is for you. You will get never ending benefit from this app. The app will show you that you can save so much time rather wasting it in smoking. You can serve that time in doing something more productive. Another feature it shows that how much money you have saved since you have stopped smoking.

Quit smoking- quit now: This app helps the users in quitting the cigarette, completely for sure. The app will show the number of days, money saved, time saved, and the number of cigarettes that you have avoided. All this information will definitely encourage you to leave the smoking and move towards healthy living. You can also talk to different quitters, who have quitted the smoking. Share your experience and achievements with the friends on Facebook and Twitter.

These apps will help you in getting rid of this bad and unhealthy habit. Just download them on your Android smartphone and get rid of your smoking habit as soon as possible.