Cricket is one of the most favorite games around the globe. It has its infinite fans and followers in all over the world. The game started from the England and now it has become the part of every country almost. There are many countries that are now creating their own cricket teams to play locally and internationally with other teams.

In past, you could witness only few cricket matches but these days, everything is so organized and developed that we do not have to wait for the whole year to watch some cricket match. Nowadays, every other country’s cricket team is visiting the other country to play a cricket match there.

Also, now we have choices to watch fifty fifty matches or the T20 match unlike past, when we had no choice except the test matches. The modern times have improved so much. The best part is that in the current era, we also do not need to watch TV or access radio all the time to get the cricket update. An Android app does everything for us on our smartphone.

Being a cricket follower, you should get few apps from Google Play to make it possible for you to follow the cricket updates anytime and from anywhere on your Android smartphone. The best apps available for this purpose are:

  • The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App

When there is some cricket series going on then all you need is to have the score update. The ESPN app will let you know all the scores of the current cricket match. You will get the access to all the records, player statistics, rankings, videos, audios, and the written content from the writer about the matches. This app offers some very special features like magazine and blogs from the ESPN, ESPN’s latest videos, and much more.

  • Yahoo Cricket

It is the best app to enjoy the real cricket along with the user friendly interface. You will not miss anything here and will be able to enjoy real time-to-time commentary too. The latest updates will be provided in the photo gallery from the world of cricket. Keep yourself aware of the upcoming match’s schedule and the previous match’s result via this app.

  • ICC Cricket

The official app of the international Cricket Council will enable you to know the every news from the tournaments including live news, videos, latest news from the social media, behind scene photos of the teams and the highlights. The live stream will show you the latest action of the ground. So, keep yourself updated with the latest cricket news and enjoy the game to its fullest.Get any of these updated cricket android apps to enjoy the live match everywhere.