No one knows when weather is going to change. Despite of this thing, it is sort of important thing to know especially when you see lots of clouds in the sky or when the winds are blowing heavily.

What the weather would be like today is important to know while going out of home? What the temperature is? Is there any chance of rain, as the clouds are in the sky? Will there be snow in the evening or not?  These things are essential to know to do the preparations for your day according to this weather news.

Weather forecast for Android

The days are old times, when you had to sit in front of the television and wait for the weather forecast or check the newspaper for the weather news. These days, everyone has the Smartphone in hand and they can easily get to know about the weather with the smart apps in their phone.  Android is the most common operating system that people use in their smartphones. Some of the apps are:

–          Android Weather & Clock Widget

This is the smart app that will let you know the weather of every city of the world. The app is designed to trace your location and to get the weather updates of that area. The weather updates include the humidity, current weather condition, temperature details, direction of wind, and its speed. It also gives you the weather conditions update on hourly basis.  The app offers features like temperature in status bar, sun set and sun rise timings, auto location detection, and allows searching the cities by zip code or city code.

–          BBC Weather

What would be better than having a weather app from BBC weather? Of course, it is a reliable source.  The app is designed in a very simple mode and it can search the weather of any location. You can also share the weather updates on Twitter and Facebook. The good thing is that the BBC app doesn’t stalk you with your location information.

–          Yahoo Weather

This is an amazing app, which will give you the photos of the current weather. These photos will make the weather automatically beautiful for you. Thos app indicates animated sunrise and sunset, wind pressures, humidity sensors, heat maps, and also provides the severe weather alerts. You can swipe the phone vertically to get the weather information and horizontally to get the location updates.

All the apps are way too helpful for the people, who have their work outside and, who travels a lot. Such apps are also useful even if you are just going out for the shopping.