It sounds incredible, but yes it is true. Now you can use an Andriod app without downloading it. Google has integrated data from Android apps into its search results which let the users run them on the browsers of their smartphones without having to install them or any other third-party application.

However, initially, not all apps are capable of streaming inside a browser and this feature is available for only nine apps including Chimani, Gormey, Daily Horoscope, My Horoscope, New York Subway, Hotel Tonight, Visual Anatomy Free, Weather and Useful Knots.  Also, you should be connected to a powerful Wi-Fi and have Android Lollipop or higher installed on your device to use this feature.

You can run a streamable app on your browser by tapping ‘Stream’ label which appears next to it in Google’s search results. While the app runs, you can scroll or tap it like an installed app. What differentiates the Google version of the app from installed app is a banner which runs at the bottom of the screen stating “App streamed by Google.”

It is pertinent to mention that the streamable apps not actually runs on your device but on Google’s servers, which means the search engine renders these apps on a server and sends their high-resolution streaming video feed to you. Since these apps stream on Google’s servers, the search engine receives all of your interactions with them.

Google has brought up this streaming technology thanks to startup Agawi, which it had acquired from Agawi in June 2014.

Agawi is former tech firm that had developed technology to let the users stream mobile apps without installing them first. This technology was primarily used in promotion of gaming apps.

Google is also said to have been testing its cloud technology to enhance streaming quality.

The streaming technology is expected to increase organic growth and adoption of apps, which opens up a new opportunity for business and developers. Given the fact that around 74% of downloads take place through organic search and not through advertisement, the developers and marketers will be looking to get more users and downloads, if their apps attract them at first glimpse.

It is too early to predict that how much this technology will affect the businesses of Google’s competitors and whether the developers will limit advertising on platforms like Facebook if Google search showcases their apps.