Whenever we go to the sea side, fishing is the must-thing. This is everyone’s favorite thing to do. From kids to the elders, everyone likes to catch the fish. Catching fish is quite an interesting activity. Some people also adopt it as a hobby. Some like to do it whenever they go to picnic to a sea and then cook those fish for the meal. There are so many types of fish in the sea, however, not all of them can be eaten. You also have watched so many movies made on the fish and their life. There are cartoon characters, animated movie characters, and the real time fish characters as well. They spike our interest in fish too.

For kids, there are so many fishing games available in the market. In some games, kids have to catch the fish whereas in some games, they have to put them in water to watch them swim. But, in the modern world, the smartphone have made the gaming easier. With the tap of fingers, you have all the games within your reach.

You can find many of the fishing games on Google Play now. There are a number of games which are available for the kids as well as for the elders. Apparently, both can enjoy the same games. So, here is the list of some exciting Android fishing games for you:

  • Fishing Joy

Experiencing the life of deep down in ocean is possible now. By playing this game, you can enjoy the deep-sea graphics, sound effects, and many different features than the usual games cannot offer you. There are different levels of cannons and nets, graphics, the aquarium mode along with the provision of 1 super laser gun, 15 colorful sea creatures, and many amazing features. You can also share your achievements on social media with your friends and show them your progress via this gaming app.

  • Fishing Superstars

You can enjoy your hobby of fishing in this game. You have to catch the fish and show that you are the real superstar of the fishing. You can come across different types of fish along with exciting places and locations for the fishing in this game. You can also play and compete with your friends in this game.

  • Big  fishing sport 3D lite

Now you can enjoy doing the fishing via andriod  in the 3D mode via this gaming app. Just tilt the phone to see the fish like it is here for real. When you move the phone, you will see that the water is moving too and the fish is trying to come above the water. Pull the phone back to hook that fish. You can enjoy fishing in this game at two different fishing locations.