Oftentimes you’ve to transfer big archives such as moves etc from your Android devices. As such files are too large for sending via email, you’ve to look for any alternate way to make the transfer possible. Luckily, Android offers several file-sharing applications to enable its users to transfer larger files effortlessly.


YouSendIt is a free Android application that works from the web too. After getting the app installed, you’ll receive 2GB of storage where you’ll be allowed to upload a file not bigger than 50MB.

When it comes to share a file, you have a number of options such as you can share the file using any of the options on your phone i.e. via MMS or email. However, oftentimes you want to share a file or picture that is large enough to send via email or MMS, here when YouSendIt comes in.

This interesting Android app allows you to send and share large files and even folders. The best thing about YouSendIt is that you can choose whether the recipient(s) will have the right to just Read the files in the folder or they can also Read and Write to the folder. While sharing a folder, you’ll have to invite the recipient via email to access the folder.

Box for Android

Box is another file-sharing application for android that offers the Android owners a free storage of 50GB initially at the time of signing in from the Android application. Uploading the files from your android device is quite easy. The users can either start uploading by browsing the file and then selecting Box as the spot to upload the file. Or they can open Box and then browse the file to upload. Both way works well.

After uploading the file, tap the Share button the bottom of your device’s screen and the file will be shared.

Dropbox for Android

The functioning of Dropbox for Android is pretty much similar to the YouSendIt and Box.  The uploading process in Dropbox is the same with the exception that Dropbox automatically uploads videos and camera pictures. This means users can forgo the upload step in the process.

Besides individual files, Dropbox also let you share an entire folder. All you need o do for sharing a folder is to make the folder’s name visible and touch and hold it. A box with a share option will pop up. Click ‘Share’ and you’ll be presented a bunch of ways to share the file; choose any of these methods of sharing and the contents will be downloaded by the recipient.