So, you have got a new Nexus 10 and want to root it or install custom ROMs? Before rooting the device or putting in a custom ROM, you need to unlock your bootloader. This article is the step by step guide to unlock the bootloader of Nexus 10.

Unlock the bootloader

  • First of all, download and install the Android SDK kit and fastboot on your PC. Extract the zip contents and save them in a folder on your desktop. For your ease, save the folder with the name “fastboot.”
  • Now turn off your device and then hold the Vol. up, Vol. down and power buttons at once until your Nexus 10 powers up and is in Fastboot Mode. You will see the familiar green robot along with the word “Start” displayed on the screen.
  • Connect the device with your computer via the USB cord. If you are using Windows, you’ll see the pop-up about drivers being set up and initialized.
  • Open the command prompt on your PC. For opening the command go to “start -> run -> type “cmd” and hit enter”.
  • Navigate to the folder wherein you’ve placed the fastboot tool.
  • Type in the following command in the command bar, (without any quotes) “fastboot devices”. Here you’ll get the device ID. The device ID indicates that fastboot can see your Nexus 10. If a device ID is not displayed, stop and investigate. If you’re using Windows, chances are you fastboot driver are not installed properly.
  • Up next, on the same cmd window type in the following command to begin the process “fastboot oem unlock“.
  • Now you will receive a message on your device, asking for verification of the process.  Hit “Yes”.
  • Let the tablet reboot and you’re done. Now you are free to install modified boot images, custom software, custom recovery, you name it.

Relock the bootloader

Relocking the bootloader is also quite easy. You need to follow the same instructions, except the last step. In the last step you ought to write “fastboot oem lock” instead of “fastboot oem unlock” and your bootloader will be relocked.