Mounting your phone to move files between your phone and PC is fast and easy, but nothing can beat the convenience of a wireless file transfer. Through this tutorial we’ll show you how to access all the files in your phone for transfers to and fro on your local wireless network. You’ll need to install FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server software on your phone then mount it as a network drive on your computer.

Install SwiFTP    

To begin with, download and install SwiFTP on your device. SwiFTP is a small app that enables your handset to act as an FTP server. Once installed, the app is available from the apps screen.

Setup SwiFTP

Launch SwiFTP, tap the Setup button and type in username and password in the respective bars, leaving the port number as the default 2121.

Start Server

Head back to the main screen and tap “Start” to turn your phone into an FTP server. Take note of the IP address, appearing next to the Wifi URL label, and the port as this info will be required while establishing an FTP connection to your Android.

Your cell phone is now ready for connection to your PC.

Map Network Drive

For ease, create a shortcut to your Android phone in your Windows Explorer. Open up “My Computer” and click on Map network drive.

A window will now pop-up prompting you to select a Drive and Folder. Ignoring this, click the link for a Web drive.

Enter the IP address of your device and click “Next.”

Type-in the user name that you specify in swiFTP and click “Next” to proceed.

Key-in a suitable name for the connection and you’re done.

Now each time you want to access your Android phone, simply double-click the FTP shortcut to your device, enter your FTP passcode, and you will have access phone’s file storage. All you need to remember is to start the server on SwiFTP before connecting to the drive on your PC or it would not be able to find it.