Every country has its army for the safety of land’s borders, air force for the sky borders, and Navy for the safety of marine limits. The Navy is made for the purpose of protecting the sea limits. If a country will not do that, then there is a chance that enemy country would enter into the neighbor country. It is important for any country to have their Navy force too.

The Navy force sounds like some easy and simple work on the ships but in fact, it is the most sensitive and dangerous field. The Navy has the responsibility to ensure the proper security of the sea limits and keep a vigilant eye on the undersea and above sea matters. The Navy personnel work hard and round the clock to protect us. They hardly get any time for themselves too. This is why we appreciate their every effort for the motherland.

To appreciate their hard slog for us, the Android has offered some smartphone apps for the Navy personnel.  Everyone carries the smartphone and so do they. With the smartphone apps, they can also keep themselves up to date easily. These apps are:

  • America’s Navy

You will get to know everything about the American Navy through this app. You will learn about the vessels, weapons, ranks and activities in the Navy. This app is ideal for all those, who are planning to be a part of this powerful Navy. Moreover, you will get to know the latest Navy news and can also share updates with your friends on social media sites via this app.

  • Uniform guide navy

If you are getting ready to be at the Navy and want to know about wearing the uniform then this app will help you without any difficulty. Get this marine navigation via Android app in your smartphone and get to know all the illustrations of Navy uniform.

  • US Navy Sailor’s Creed

Take this creed with you and promise to serve your country forever. This creed is specially designed for the US Navy officials. They can also get the discounted flight bookings through this app. This app is the greatest way to memorize the creed by keeping it in your smartphone.