In any profession or in any field, Finance is the core purpose of your activity.  We do every work with the idea of gaining some finance. Undoubtedly, it is the basic need of anyone’s life. People do hard work in business, studies, and daily life just to earn good sum of money. Consequently, everything is related to finance at the end!

There are many professional degrees and certifications that people get to make some career in the finance world. The field of finance is full of new things. There are so many branches of this field and their uses are increasing day by day.

We do lots of transactions in our daily life. For that, we have to carry the calculators, notepads, and many other type of stationary. New generation and even the old ones do not bother to carry all this equipment. They simply pull out their Android smartphone and keep the record of everything.

Google Play is full of these kinds of financial apps that will not only help you in keeping track of the daily transactions, but will also help you in keeping an eye on the finance world.

Whether you are a simple sole trader or the stock broker, you need the Android finance  apps for sure. Some of these apps are:

–          Google Finance: If you are the stock market activist and like to keep an eye on the day to day activities of the market, all you need is this Google Finance app in your Android smartphone. This app will let you know the finance portfolios, the chart views, and the most recent market news.

–           Expense Manager: If you are running your business on your own then this is the ideal app for you. With this app, you can feasibly track your payments, expenses, and incomes of the week, month, and a year. Make your budgets, charts, widgets, reports, account information, and payment alerts through this app. You can find out the Forex rates as well with the enable internet connection using this smart app.

–          My Budget Book: This app allows you to manage your expenditures, budgets, and transfers. You can check out the graphical overview of your spending and earnings at the end of the month. That’s how you can get an idea what your criteria and average of spending or earnings are. You can also set limits on this app, and it will notify you when you will be crossing your defined payment limits.