Swimming is the best way to keep you healthy and full of energy which is why everyone including children, men, and women like to do the swimming. For some, it is part of their daily routine, some people do it weekly or monthly, and some people do that when they get time. Whereas, the simple rule of fitness is to do the swimming on daily basis. It keeps the mind fresh and all the muscles intact. Those, who do not do the swimming, must join this healthy yet fun activity. It is a great past time too.

There are so many people, who swim as a hobby. The best part is that in the current age, now they can enjoy this hobby more by getting Android apps in their smartphone. These apps will track and guide them in the best way to enjoy swimming. If you are also like to swim then you must download any of the following apps in your Android smartphone.

Go swim

If you like to follow things that are going on in the swimming world then all you need is this Go Swim app. This will tell you what styles can be adopted while swimming with the help of videos. The swimming news can also be collected from this app.

My swimming times

If you want to check your timings of the swimming then this app will help you in assessing that. You can do the breakstroke, freestyle, butterfly, freestyle relay, and many others styles and the app will record your timings throughout. You can create the race time chart, the swim log of your friends, the best time race log and much more. With this app, you can also record the timings of short swim, open water swim, long course meter, etc.

Record my swim

You can keep the record of your daily swim via this app. Along with this, you can also keep the graphical chart of your calories, speed, and distance. This app is perfect for the new and expert swimmers.

Swim Planner

You can easily manage all of your swimming plans via this single app. This app will create a workout plan along with the swimming plan for you. You can tell this app what your capacity of swimming is and it will suggest you the distance of swimming accordingly.

Thus get these smart swimming apps and learn how to swim effectively and efficiently.