Every company or sole proprietor enters into the business to seek some profit out of it. It is understood that profit can only be earned by doing sales. Sales depend upon many things including good quality, effective marketing, prompt distribution service, etc.

The key thing that is important in making any sale is the effort and the tactics of the sales person. Mainly, the sales person is responsible for doing all this stuff. He has to perform many tasks and also has to keep records of the sales done.

Moreover, the salesperson has more things to do than anyone else. He has to make sure about the right order’s delivery, receiving of payment, and much more. Though, there are lots of advancements made in this field yet the best one is the availability of sales apps on the Google Play for the Android users. Thus, the sales person now can get any of the following android sales apps to perform complex duties simply:

–          Sales Tracker: If you are looking forward for using many options at the same time then this app is good for you.  You can store the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual summary in this app. You can also share those summaries with the managers by using the Dropbox, Email, or Micro SD. The database is available from local and online forums.

 –          Sales Manager: A very influential app for the sales personnel is Sales Manager. This app can handle and create so many invoices at a time and you can also get their print outs by using the WI-FI printer.  This app allows the companies to have their own databases. This way, the sales person can upload his order file in his company’s server. Hence, the Sales Manager is very handy app for all the professional and busy sales personnel.  Also, it is easy to learn and serves many advantages to its users.

 –          Associate Sales Tracker: If you are the sales head then this app is just right for you especially when you believe in working hard and want to keep an eye on the performance of your Sales team. You can track 12 of your team members and can get the report daily. The reports can be printed out, emailed, and can also be reviewed. Thus, get this app for increasing your sales.

In nutshell, getting these Android apps on your smartphone will surely help you in boosting your sales.