We get so many images in our mind when we heard of the place Forest. The common picture that we have in mind is that the place, which is full of long trees, wild animals, stream, and insects. It is true picture somehow.

We do get to know about the forest life from the movies and from the different channels on television. Many of the people get a chance to observe and experience a forest life too. You also must have watched so many forest movies in childhood, as we all did. Consequently, the forest seems so interesting for the people like us.

Forest Android Games

These days, in the busy world, we get a chance by luck to see the real forest until and unless, you have decided to spend the vacations in Africa or Arizona jungles. Else, it is hardly possible.

But, it is not always important to go far away for having fun in the forests. You can also enjoy being in the forest by using your Android smartphone. Yes, that is possible now.  The Android has some very catchy forest games that will make you go stick with them. Some of these games are:

–          Forest Runner

If you like to do some adventure in the forest then this game will bring you lots of them. You will have to run in this game to achieve the final spot by ditching the obstacles. This way, you will earn more points and get to the next stage. It is a simple and usual game but with interesting features. You have to jump by tapping the screen.

–          Forest Defense

You will find yourself in an ancient forest, where you have to fight with the beasts and run to save your life. Once you will be in the fight, you will have to create a big army and to lead it with efficiency. The hype of fight increases as the level increases. You just have to play smartly in this game.

–          Forest Zombies

It is something serious in the forest. Yes, the zombies have attacked the woopsie of the forest and eating and killing them. Now, it is your responsibility to play bravely and to save these poor squirrels. You have to free the woopsies from the zombies. The game has so many amazing features such as, interactive modern weapons, so many unique zombies that you have never seen before, etc. This game looks quite new and amusing to play with the forest theme. It looks like a must-have game in your Android smartphone.