We all know one very common flying insect, which lives with us in our house. Of course, the mosquitoes not the house flies. Who does not know the mosquitoes? They come without any invitation and left us by making us slapping ourselves, here and there. Quite unfair!

Catching mosquitoes is not that difficult but sometimes, we are not able to kill them easily. This is really annoying. They suck our blood and bite anywhere they want. That is why it makes us more brutal to smash them by catching or slapping them.

The Busted Mosquitoes

The good news is here for you that all the mosquitoes are posted here in your Android Smartphone.  If you do not believe then you must get these Android games that are available on Google play. Some of them are:

–          Mosquito Kill Game: Yes, the mosquitoes are roaming and biting us. Now, the time is to smash them. Get this very addictive mosquito kill game and kill them with the touch of your fingers. This game is multilevel, as it kills the mosquitoes like in reality by giving out a real sound.

 –          Slap the mosquito: Slap the coming mosquitoes towards you. No matter how cute they look, do not forget that they bite you everywhere. It is a super fun game that will make you have fun endlessly. In this game, the mosquitoes are coming to bite the pet monkey and you have to prevent him from the biting. Use your thumb to squash them.

 –          Funny Mosquito Smasher: This game is really funny when you kill the mosquitoes. The whole family can have fun with it. All types of mosquitoes are present in this game and you have to kill them by smashing them instantly. There are special singing mosquitoes, who sing when they die. It is available in kids’ mode too. First practice and then kill the mosquitoes with greater speed. 

–          Kill Mosquito: You have to kill these mosquitoes as soon as they appear on the screen. They appear quite fast so you better strike them before they disperse. Wait till the mosquito sits and then attack it with your finger. Score the highest score by killing more promptly.

 –          Mosquito Killing: You have to defend yourself from these blood sucking little monsters. In this game, you start from killing at home at the initial level, then at work, and then on the expert level in the forest. Do not scare of them and do your best to kill them. Shoot the mosquitoes and enjoy.