Language is the heritage of any country.  The culture of any country is also determined by its language. There are so many languages in the world. Some of them are few hundred years old whereas some of them are thousand years old. However, an old language is the proof that this country has some rich history.

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. With the largest number of speakers, this language comes on the first spot. Also, China has the oldest civilization in the world. Chinese language came into existence by the mixture of many other languages. There were official languages like Mandarin and Diglossia. These were the languages, which later on created the today’s Chinese language.

The Chinese are quite proud of their language and mostly prefer to talk in their own language. Still, the Chinese people hardly learn the other language and use their mother tongue as the mode of communication.

There are so many people, who learn the Chinese language every year. Some learn it for their interest whereas some learn for their business purposes and for that, they takes admission in the institutes or take help from the language guides. There are different ways to learn Chinese language but the simplest one is to learn via your Android smartphone with the help of apps. For this purpose, you will just have to download the following apps in your phone:

English Chinese Dictionary

 If you are new with the Chinese language, then you need this app. This app is full of 170,000 Chinese words. You can have the spelling suggestions, search for the words, and flashcard display of every Chinese word, audio pronunciation and so many other features, which you can share with your friends.

Learn Chinese with Li

What would be better than learning Chinese from a native speaker?  Li is your tutor on this app, who will teach you Chinese words and the phrases. The app has the clear voice and the native Chinese accent. You do not need to have an internet connection every time. You will get to learn so many words that you can easily use in the daily conversation.

Learn Chinese Phrases

If you want to learn the comprehensive Chinese vocabulary and phrases then get this app. With this app, you will learn all the authentic pronunciations, vocabularies, and the scenario based sentences. This is the perfect app for every student, businessman, traveler, and everyone, who is interested in learning the Chinese language.