It is a fact that there are lots of things that happen around us or you can say that in all over the world in a single day but honestly, we are not aware of all those happenings.

Normally, we get to know about the events through the news. Back in the old times, the news hour was the only way to get to know about the latest and ongoing events across the globe or within the country. As the time passed on, many of the news channels came into view and the broadcasting technology got modern. The power of news reaching from this corner to the other corner of the world increased and now every country has its own news channels.  In the current epoch, we have unlimited number of news channels running on our television 24/7, which is the major source due to which the common man becomes aware of the events on time. News channels are broadcasting the news without any break and all the events are just one click away from the people.

Moreover, the other thing that has made the information more approachable is their easy access via smartphone. Now you can share the news through messages anytime and from any place. This has made life more safe and easy to go. Not only that, there are some of the Android apps that every person must have in his smartphone to stay updated. The details of top 3 news channels available on Android are as follows:

  • BBC News

You can keep yourself alert all the time with this app. Collect all the latest news not only from the region but also from all around the globe with this app. You can watch the breaking news, access to the live BBC radio, and can also share the important news with others.

  • Breaking News

This app will get all the breaking news by the time they happen. Moreover, it will get you the news from the real source that is updating the Twitter handle of @BreakingNews. Therefore, there will be no doubts about the reliability of the app. Get this app now to keep you updated.

  • FOX News

The best news channel’s updates are also available on the Android smartphone. You will receive the latest alerts, headlines, full stories, and the video clips via this app. You can also hear the FOX News radio through this smart app. Moreover, the photo gallery is also available for your interest.