We play lots of sports in our daily life. Some of them need special equipment and location whereas the rest can be played anywhere. Some sports are quite organized and some are not. Hence, there are different requirements for the different type of sports available, these days.  Shooting is also an organized sport, as special training, expertise, and equipments required to play this sport.  In real time, you need to follow so many rules and regulations at the shooting sport. Also, you need to get the proper license before taking part in the shooting sport. Of course, you cannot try your shooting expertise out everywhere.

Shooting sport is also played in the big sports events like the Olympics. Therefore, this sport has got some real presence in the world. The best part is that now you can also play this sport easily on your Android smartphone.  Here are some of the catchy shooting games, which you can consider to play on your smart device:


Shooter game offers you an opportunity to travel through a galaxy. During your travel, you have to be in the aircraft to shoot the enemies, who come in your way. Memorize the shooting patterns because they will help you in the next level. Keep in mind that the number of enemies will increase by every next level. You can earn some points and can customize your aircraft as well.

Target Shooter 3D

Test your shooting skills and be the perfect shooter. In this game, you will find different targets with lots of difficulties. There are different maps on which you will get a chance to shoot with the different timings. You can choose from the 8 guns and by passing each map, you will unlock more maps. Play it with your friends and show that you can do better than them.

Sniper Shooting

In this game, you have to kill the terrorists coming in front of you. You are the expert sniper shooter so you can handle all the opponents easily. You have to be quick while killing the opponents because they can kill you too. Be careful and vigilant while playing this game.

Target Shooter

Show that you are an expert of shooting. You will get a chance to prove your best eye sight and shooting ranges with this game. Hit the bulls-eye mark and earn the bonus points. You can practice on up to 17 levels. Earn more and enjoy!