Brain is the part that controls our body and hence, is the most important organ of the human body. Brain has its own level of intelligence, which makes us intelligent accordingly. Some people are genius by birth, some becomes the one by doing efforts, and some picks up the intelligence with the passage of time.

We do different things like taking quizzes and checking our IQ level to make sure about our intelligence. It looks fun though! There are many games available online through which you can check your intelligence.  But, if you have a smartphone then it will be easier for you to find out such apps.

There are so many games available on Android that will keep you stuck to them for hours. This way, you can judge your level of intelligence and knowledge you have. With these games you can check your mental skills and get to know more about your brain.

Pick the one, which suits you the best from the followings:

–          Mind Games: Practice different mental skills with this game. There are 17 mind games in this single game. You can play memory racer, mental categories, mental flex, serial memory, face memory, memory span, math star, and many others. These games will surely help you in training your mind skills.

–          Brain Games: Develop your mind skills by playing these games. There are four games in this single game that will help you in enhancing your reasoning, concentration, memory, and spatial intelligence. Test all of your skills and enjoy too.

–          The Idiot Test- Memory: The Idiot Test-Memory has got four games in it. You will get 1 minute to complete each game. Also, you can set-up the difficulty level as per your choice. The mini games also offer you an opportunity to compete the score with others.

–          Amazing Brain Workout: Take some tests in this game and find out the age of your brain. It will also improve the working condition of your brain. This game is easy to play and simple to understand. If you could not make it at one level, go back, and try again. Play this today and enjoy your brain workouts.

–          Brain Lab: This game is appropriate for all adults, kids, boys, girls, men, and women. Download it and test the capacity of your brain. Many of the games are very challenging and will look so interesting to you, once you will start playing them.

Thus, these mind games are good to have in your smartphone. They boost up your mind power especially when you are feeling down.